About the Foundation
The Bergman Estate on Fårö Foundation
Stiftelsen Bergmangårdarna på Fårö

The Bergman Estate on Fårö Foundation aims to administrate Ingmar Bergman’s houses and properties on Fårö as a non-commercial place of work and retreat for performing and creative artists and scholars from around the world.

The Board


Silje Riise Næss (NO), Chair of the Board
Kerstin Brunnberg (SE)
Daniel Bergman (SE)
Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel (NO)
Hans Kristian Hustad (SE)
Olle Jansson (SE)




Lisa Larsson & Inger Söderdahl, Housekeepers
Birger Kalström, Custodian
Jon Iversen, Administrator (Oslo)


Selection committee 2023-2024


Jannike Åhlund, Chair of the Board, Bergman Center Foundation

Jan Holmberg, CEO, Ingmar Bergman Foundation

Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel, Filmmaker and Board Member, The Bergman Estate Foundation


Coordinator / Secretariat

Cristina Jardim Ribeiro, Managing Director Bergman Centre


In cooperation with


The Ingmar Bergman Foundation

The Fårö Bergman Center Foundation


Contact information


The Bergman Estate on Fårö

(Bergmangårdarna på Fårö)

Fårö Dämba 2078

624 66 Fårö



(Please do not use this address for applications, to send portfolios, books etc)


Contact person


Jon Iversen


Linn Ullmann’s initial project outline for the Bergman Estate on fårö

Statutes of The Bergman Estate on Fårö Foundation