The Bergman Estate on Fårö Foundation
Stiftelsen Bergmangårdarna på Fårö

The Bergman Estate on Fårö is open to artists, scholars, and journalists from around the world, as well as people dedicated to democracy and freedom of speech. The estate is managed according to Ingmar Bergman’s ideals and in a manner that respects and promotes Fårö’s unique nature and culture, its history and inhabitants.

Artists and scholars stay in the houses free of charge. In your application, please suggest a way to “reimburse” the community through some kind of cultural or artistic contribution. Please note that in order to apply for at stay at the Bergman Estate, your project does not need to be related to the work of Ingmar Bergman.

Please use the designated form to apply. The application form is available from October 1 to November 28. Grants will be announced and communicated in january.

The Bergman Estate offers accommodation for a work period of no less than one week and no more than three months. Applicants with special needs can apply for travel grants. The Bergman Estate is closed from December to March.

Applicants must be able to document professional accomplishments and works, provide a description of the project they intend to work on while on Fårö, number of people (spouse, children, etc), and the intended period of stay. Additionally, applicants must specify how they intend to reimburse the community in the form of a cultural event.

The Bergman Estate is also open to group projects. This includes, for instance, theatre groups, film productions, or the editorial department of a media company. The Bergman Estate aims to be an international arena and especially welcomes applicants who wish to introduce a non-Western view across the Baltic Sea.

Applications will be evaluated by the artistic director, who in turn processes them for final assessment by the Board. Decisions will be based on the project description and the Bergman Estate statutes. When assessing applications, we put great emphasis on the description of the purpose and quality of the project applied for. Stays for study purposes will normally not be considered unless the subject calls for a presence on Fårö.

If the work during your stay at the Bergman Estate results in a publication of any kind, please mention The Bergman Estate (Bergmangårdarna på Fårö) in your credits.

If you have been granted a stay at the Bergman Estate, please visit the page Information for residents for practical information.

The Bergman Estate residency is open for applications between October 1 and November 28.

Grants will be announced and communicated in february.

If you have been granted a stay at the Bergman Estate on Fårö – welcome! Here you will find all the practical information you need.

When you are about to book your trip to Fårö, please contact housekeeper Kerstin Kalström. She will provide you with your keys and make sure that you find your way to the houses. As soon as you have settled in your accommodation, Kerstin will give you a brief tour of Ingmar Bergman’s house at Hammars.

Guests are kindly asked to plan for a highly self-dependent stay on Fårö, including self-catering. The Bergman Estate will provide bed linen and towels, but guests are expected to take care of their own meals and laundry, as well as cleaning during and after their stay. Cleaning equipment and detergents are provided, and directions for the end-of-stay cleaning are available in each house.

Visitors are kindly asked to read and comply with the house rules, which can be found in a binder in each house.